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Cant Request A New Card!!

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  • Pays de l'annonce: United States
  • Ville de l'annonce: Autre
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  • Quartier: street
  • Répertoriée 4 mars 2021 2 h 49 min
  • Expires: Cette annonce a expiré


I have yet to receive my PayPal cash card in the mail. It says that it was scheduled to arrive on the 20th. It is now the 30th. I click to activate my card on my PayPal account, then select « didnt get a card » then it gives me the option to « order a new one ». but when I click on « order a new one » the little mini window closes and that’s that. I am back on my profile and nothing has changed. No message, no notice, no other option to select a replacement card. Idk what to do. I would rather not have to go report my card lost, or stolen because it wasnt either of those. But i will do so, i suppose, if i absolutely have to. I would appreciate any sort of help on the matter SOOOOO much! Thank you…
P.S. My friend is trying to send me money through Facebook Messenger and I cant even receive it because I have no payment information to enter because I have no card!


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Identifiant de l'annonce : 58860404aa0bd4dd

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customer service

I dont want to talk to a robot, i actually want to talk to a live agent but I dont know how.

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