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Annonces taguées avec 'payments' (1703)


Unemployment hasn’t direct deposited yet

It’s been two days and still nothing. Does anyone know what we have to do to expedite this process?

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Someone transfer me 10$, so after i transfer it on my card, the person who gave me the money canceled the transfer, but the miney […]

90 vues au total, 0 aujourd'hui


Did not receive what i paid for.

Please Refund the money i paid you. You no i can’t afford 4 to 7,000 you asked me for to start the Training. Ken xxxx […]

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changing credit cards

Hello, how can i change the billing credit card? I want to stop seeing bills on one card and change to another

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Finding an email address

I purchased a complete US Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagle Collection from CHENGQITONG I want to contact them and can not find an email address […]

106 vues au total, 2 aujourd'hui


Payment to friends and family still pending

It happens to me all the time for NO reason. I realize this post is old but I’m trying to figure this out myself and […]

111 vues au total, 1 aujourd'hui


Refund hasn’t been added to balance

I sent money to someone through goods and services and because of the wait he refunded it to me. The refund has been shown in […]

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Why i can not recive money in my paypal account

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My account is not received money

My account is not allowed

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how long it takes to post

I been playing toy block and I have enough money to cash out it tell me that it successfully transfer my money to my account […]

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