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10$ reward

hi , i was just wondering how long it takes for the 10$ reward to be placed in my account.

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International accounts

Does anyone know if paypal is available in Uganda for a Ugandan citizen with a Ugandan bank account?

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Anyone else getting email scams?

I keep getting emails from “paypal” about transactions I never made. Obviously I come directly to paypal to check and make sure my account has […]

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Does PayPal own Stripe???

Does PayPal also own Stripe?

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6,12,24 Monthly Instalment Plans Question

Am I correct in thinking the way these plans work are different from other accounts etc For example if the total amount was 1300 over […]

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Message from paypal

Does PayPal ever send out requests to have your info verified by re entering all of your banking and card informative, in order for you […]

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I received a message from skillz and it said « As your withdrawal is considered profitable, it would be sent through PayPal, but at this time […]

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Missing transaction

so I sent a guy 140.01 on the 9th and its clear on my end and posted in my bank but the transaction don’t exist […]

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QR Code’s for payment

Is it possible to link our corporate card and generate QR Codes to send to a vendor that they can scan and receive our payment?

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$10 digital voucher

Can U extend my digital wallet $10 voucher cos I tried many time to buy goods from your Paypal merchant got rejected. They need d […]

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