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f cfa .1,000,000


Do you need a loan at a low interest rate? Have you been denied a loan by a bank because you have no collateral or […]

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Paypal cant veriify my identity

I applied for paypal credit and i got a letter in the mail saying i was denied BC they could not verify my identity how […]

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mastercard paypal

Hi there, I want a PayPal card delivered to my given address in Aus. Please help me and guide me how can I apply for […]

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Unable to use PayPal credit w/merchant on PayPal site.

Unable to use PayPal credit with merchants that are online PayPals site. Customer service says no issues with my account. So why does it say […]

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Transaction Holds

I used my PayPal Cash card to reserve and pay for 16 nights of hotel accommodations. Each night the hotel charged an incidental fee in […]

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Can only link bank account in Indonesian Rupiah

Hello everyone. I am trying to link my Germany bank account to my paypal. But it is stated that i can only link my bank […]

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Unemployment hasn’t direct deposited yet

It’s been two days and still nothing. Does anyone know what we have to do to expedite this process?

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Car loans

Does anyone know if PayPal credit offers personal and or car loans

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Someone transfer me 10$, so after i transfer it on my card, the person who gave me the money canceled the transfer, but the miney […]

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Did not receive what i paid for.

Please Refund the money i paid you. You no i can’t afford 4 to 7,000 you asked me for to start the Training. Ken xxxx […]

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