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add a card to paypal – Keeps popping up even tough i alredy have 2 ca...

Hello there! I have made multiple payments yesterday, Now today when i am trying to make a payment it says add a card to PayPal, […]

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When I try to pay for item it just keeps redirecting me to my summary page ...

Pretty much what the description says and it’s happens everytime please help

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Im trying to remove my bank account details, but it keeps saying cannot rem...

I am trying to remove my bank account details & it keeps saying, cannot remove try again later?

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Forgot to remove listing, someone bought item and now can’t refund be...

Hey Paypal, I forgot to remove a listing from a classifieds ad. A buyer bought the item. I want to refund him immediately but it […]

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Resolution Date keeps changing No Answers

I ordered an item January 31st this year. After much to and fro between myself and the seller i had to open a dispute on […]

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PayPal keeps taking money from wrong account

I have checked everything I can find and it is all set up correctly. Yet, Paypal keeps taking money from my checking account instead of […]

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Dispute Resolution Date Keeps Changing. There is nothing left to do!

In April, I purchased some elastic that was sold in 10yd lots. I ordered 10 lots or 100 yards in total. This is what I […]

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Paypal repeatedly keeps charging the wrong preferred method of payment

I don’t have a complicated account. I never ever ever pay bills through any source other than directly to each creditor. The ONLY thing I […]

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Tranfer keeps bouncing back (less fees)

Im transferring from Paypal to my savings account in the Bank of the Philippines. The only account I set up is the savings account, but […]

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Paypal keeps holding my payments and keeps telling me to add money to my ba...

Hey guys can someone pls help idk what’s wrong with my paypal every time I sell an item on Depop my payments r automatically on […]

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