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Having Issue In Setting up Paypal Payment Integration System on my Website

Hii Members, I am having one E commerce type of website on which i have an account you can check – In this website […]

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PayPal setting Main-Currency results in a meaninglessness error message, I ...

PayPal likes to steal money by converting Currencies at laughably illigal prices. When I set GBP as my main currency instead of EUR, I get […]

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setting up small online shop

Hi, My wife is making hats and wants to start selling them online. They are all the same value £10 each, it wont be a […]

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Setting up debit card details

Hi all, I am trying to set up my PayPal account which requires my debit card details to be added. PayPal keeps rejecting my card […]

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Payment received under wrong setting

My account was set to receive payments for goods and services and not family and friends. Now I have a payment from a friend on […]

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Setting up a beneficiary

If something happens to me, and I have a Paypal balance, how can I make sure a beneficiary receives the balance of my account. I’m […]

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Setting up our systems for The Yard Wellness site

Hello, we currently have $$ on hold. I have submitted all the documents that are relative to our services and the delivery of those services. […]

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Setting up bank accounts details

Hello, I would like to set up my debit card not a credit card but it gives me an error message telling me declined when […]

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Trouble setting up 2FA; Authenticator app not syncing correctly?

I’ve added PayPal to my Google Authenticator app. But when I try to log in using 2FA, I get the following message: I’ve tried repeatedly. […]

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setting up an automatic annual recurring payment using Paypal.

I have an account linked to a credit card but I can’t see how to set up payment to an organization annually and automatically. Help […]

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