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Why PayPal exchange rate is low as compare to RBI exchange rate?

Hello, I was transferring around $50 to my Indian bank and while transferring I found out the exchange rate is too low as compared to […]

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Paypal not fair about conversion rate in Receiving money

Why is there a lot of difference in current rate with paypal rate and it is never mentioned anywhere ?

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Forex rate to pay usd using myr

Forex rate to pay usd using myr

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Confused about possible exchange rate problem?

Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I’m unsure where this question should go. Yesterday I bought an item online while using paypal. […]

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Non accurate conversion rate

Conversion rate: ‪$1.00 USD‬ = ‪₪3.189615 ILS‬ ????????????????????????????????????????? paypal???????????????? $ is rising didn’t you see?

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Increased Interest Rate With Changeover to Synchrony!!

So it appears that the change from Comenity Capital Bank to Synchronicity has some deleterious effects on us. First the already obnoxious 19.99% interest rates […]

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Payment conversion rate from euro to pounds does not match

I received a total of €323 euros, however I’ve been on paid £283 pounds. Please can someone help me where the rest of my money […]

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Paypal currency exchange rate different than official rate ?!

Hi how much the USD dollar to Philippine peso, because I google the 150usb to peso the result is 7208.47 but here my total is […]

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Interest rate

What is the interest rate on my PayPal MasterCard

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Problems shipping to APO address with flat rate using Paypal shipping

I can’t ship to an APO address. After I fill out the customs forms, which asks for weight. The error message I get is « weight […]

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