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My paypal log in isnt allowing me to check out on numerous sites.

I have been trying to make a few purchases online and I keep getting a try a different payment format error. There isnt a hold […]

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My account isn’t verified

My FNBcard declined every time i tried to withdraw from PayPal.

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The seller isn’t accepting bids or offers from you.

Hello, I sent a few simple questions to this seller about the merchandise they were offering. I gave up waiting for a response and tried […]

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Can I link my paypal to the debit card which isn’t belong to any Amer...

I moved to another country, how can I transfer the balance in Paypal into another debit card? Solved! Go to Solution.

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Confirmation needed but isn’t working

I need to confirm my identity to reactivate my account, I have done all the other steps except ‘Confirm Identity’ it says Confirmation attempt failed […]

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Money isnt coming to my debit card

Hello All. So I withdrew my money I had in my paypal balance to my debit card. Paypal says the transaction is completed, but it’s […]

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Manual Transfer isn’t available.

Hi, I’m unable to transfer my PayPal balance to my bank account. It says that the manual transfer isn’t available at the moment and the […]

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Card isn’t supported

After tried 3 times to added my card. Paypal show my card isn’t supported. How can added to support in paypal.

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Paypal credit taking payments it isn’t authorised to do

hi so I opened a PayPal credit account last month to make a large purchase for my home. i had planned to clear the amount […]

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20 years and yet paypal isn’t available in Iraq , it’s just so ...

i know paypal doesn’t support iraq , but Paypal never told us why ? And what is the reason . Is there really any chance […]

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