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changing credit cards

Hello, how can i change the billing credit card? I want to stop seeing bills on one card and change to another

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Need help converting my linked cards from PHP to USD

I am trying to email them like what I saw some video tutorials in youtube but unfortunately, I can’t find any option here in my […]

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add a card to paypal – Keeps popping up even tough i alredy have 2 ca...

Hello there! I have made multiple payments yesterday, Now today when i am trying to make a payment it says add a card to PayPal, […]

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Linking accounts and cards

while trying to find a solution for a problem I had, I delinked my bank account. Now that I want to link it again, I […]

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not able to accept domestic cards payments.

hey i am not able to receive payments through paypal using its api form local or domestic indian cards .can anyone tell me to reason […]

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Combining Gift Cards

Pay pal, can you please let users combine giftcards into an overall balance. The gift cards are useless if i want to buy something thats […]

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Switching credit cards to suit your payment

This morning I had a Euro payment to make to a European merchant. I have a Euro credit card on my PayPal account. Paypal system […]

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Can’t link my cards

I tried 4 different cards from different bank institutions and I couldn’t link them. Im from Guatemala and I need to link a card. can […]

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Cards linked and verified but not showing up when trying to pay

Hi – I have two Visa cards linked and verified but when I go to pay someone they don’t show up…? It just asks me […]

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Linking debit cards

I linked my bank card to my paypal account to receive a transfer of money from a client. The money is not in my account. […]

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