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Am I being scammed???

I bought a 3060ti gpu on ebay on the 3rd. His item didn’t offer the option to pay with debit/credit so I chose eCheck to […]

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Why am I being charged about twenty to thirty percent on my transaction?

I only got 66cents out of a 99 cent transaction and similar on my other sales as well

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Paypal Credit purchase being refunded

Hello, I made made a purchase of £750 on 28/12/2020 using PayPal credit. My parcel was hugely delayed and the seller failed to contact me […]

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Money is still on hold after 3 days of it being delivered with shipping inf...

I’ve sold an item off of Depop and still haven’t gotten my money out of hold even with shipping information added. The item was delivered […]

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Bizare Charges from GOOGLE *SERVICES G.CO/HELPPAY# CA in 2019 Being Refunde...

I am an office manager at a small company where we sell online & in store. I have been with the company for about 3 […]

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Money not being released

Paypal advised the recipient had received the goods ie been delivered. Further advised funds would be released immediately. That was 3 days ago and still […]

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Payments Being Held

Someone sent me a payment a few days ago and it was sent to me like I am selling this person something… I don’t sell […]

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paypal disputes and appeals, Paypal message not being responded too.

I ordered an item online and never revived it, i was given a tracking number the day after it was delivered. I was home all […]

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Not being able to transfer

Why am I not able to transfer my money ? I sold a pair of shoes for 228 dollars and it won’t let me send […]

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Being Scammed?

Hi, having a serious issue. I’ve gotten two emails saying that I’ve spent over £200 in a store via paypal and while it’s under my […]

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