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why do secret service hold their lapels

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why do secret service hold their lapels ?

Secret Service agents hold their lapels for a few reasons:

  • To maintain a professional appearance. Holding their lapels helps agents to maintain a professional and polished appearance. It also shows that they are paying attention to detail and take their job seriously.
  • To conceal weapons and other equipment. Secret Service agents often carry a variety of weapons and other equipment, including firearms, tasers, and radios. Holding their lapels helps to conceal this equipment from view, which helps to keep the agents and their protectees safe.
  • To protect themselves from attack. Holding their lapels can also help to protect Secret Service agents from attack. If an attacker were to try to grab an agent, the agent could use their lapel to create a barrier between themselves and the attacker. This could give the agent time to react and defend themselves.

In addition to these reasons, some Secret Service agents also hold their lapels as a way to show solidarity with their fellow agents. It is a way of saying that they are part of a team and that they are committed to protecting the President and other protectees.

Here are some additional benefits of Secret Service agents holding their lapels:

  • It helps to keep their suits looking neat and tidy.
  • It can help to prevent their suits from getting wrinkled or creased.
  • It can help to keep their ties in place.
  • It can help to project a sense of confidence and authority.

Overall, there are many reasons why Secret Service agents hold their lapels. It is a practice that has been in place for many years, and it has proven to be effective in helping agents to maintain a professional appearance, conceal weapons and equipment, protect themselves from attack, and show solidarity with their fellow agents.


Why do secret service agents hold onto their lapels with …
In reference to the US Secret Service and good practice for close protection professionals all over. I’d say it’s one (or all) of three reasons: It is to be ready to move the jacket out the way to draw their weapon Having your arms in front of you and not by your side prevents them from being grabbed/restrained from behind


Why do secret service agents always keep their jackets …
ALL security professionals, who wear suits, during their assignments keep their jackets or coats unbuttoned. This is because when they are carrying concealed firearms, the majority do so in waist or shoulder holsters (or in the case of hidden sub …


14 Secrets of Secret Service Agents | Mental Floss
The Secret Service will also take over entire floors above and below the president and commandeer elevators for their own private use, which can disrupt a hotel’s business. They’ll even keep an…


Why Does Secret Service Hold Their Jackets? – batescomp.com
Secret Service agents sometimes wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes, so they can increase their ability to see what people in the crowd are doing. Can the president fire the VP?


New US Secret Service lapel pins will have a secret …
Just about everyone knows US Secret Service agents for the pins they wear on their lapels. They are one component of the larger system used to identify team members and are as tied to the agency’s…


US Secret Service Hands Ready
As noted in the Obama- and Hillary-Protect series, their Secret Service candidate-protective agents hold their hands at waist height, particularly in crowds, but also when standing guard.Presumably this allows quick action against hands of attackers or to draw weapons. Do other protective and/or law enforcement officers use this hand positioning?


Explained: Trump’s Secret Service Agent’s Fake Hands …
Well it’s actually a core part of Secret Service training (or any bodyguard training) called hands ready . Agents are trained to keep their hands raised, together but preferably not locked, in order to more quickly respond to an attack. Once you know this you start to see it everywhere.


10 Things You Didn’t Know about the U.S. Secret Service …

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the U.S. Secret Service

As for the sunglasses, they aren’t worn to keep would-be assassins from knowing where agents are looking. Rather, the Secret Service insists that they’re worn for the same reason everyone else wears them: to keep the sun out of their eyes. 8. Only one member of the Secret Service has died while protecting a president.


Secret Service hand position technique – The Firing Line …
Secret Service hand position technique Tactics and Training The Firing Line Forums > Hogan’s Alley … Their hands are in a good position for a number of things as mentioned, including signaling others. You sometimes see them with their hands at their sides as well, when walking for example. You don’t see them with their hands in their pocket.


Top Seven Coolest Secrets of the Secret Service | HuffPost
To maintain the President’s privacy, Secret Service agents aren’t stationed directly in the Oval Office.

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