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1400 m² – Un beau terrain de1400m2 en vente à Bingerville

Superbe terrain de 1400m2 en vente vers l’hôpital mère enfant de Bingerville en vente avec un ACD. Une très belle zone et une occasion à […]

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Constant PayPal Credit Issues

(typing all this for the second time as it was immediately removed as spam.) I applied for PayPal credit, getting approved with a two thousand […]

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PayPal credit

Hi , Just applied for pay pal credit on 0% apr over 24 months but been told is not possible at the moment without any […]

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Do emails have to be precise when sending money?

I sent a friend some money and the email I entered was not capitalized in the right spots and it didn’t find her. I fixed […]

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About fees

Hi, I am new at PayPal, Yesterday my client from US sent me $ 1 for testing this account & I could receive in my […]

73 vues au total, 0 aujourd'hui link not working within FB chat cos of FBCLID parameter

We have a link and it is part of Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Our users have the option of paying through Paypal by clicking the […]

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Pay in 3 Problem

Today I choose the pay in 3 option to pay for something. Instead of one payments it made 2 payments when it’s meant to be […]

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Why I can’t find find « Friends and family » option to send someone?

Hello I am new of PayPal, I live in UAE, and I want to send my friend money, but I couldn’t find option « Friends and […]

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Refund to old email address

I used to have a PayPal account associated with my old email address. I changed to my new email address about 6 months ago and […]

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PayPal Credit Paid off with credit card?

Hello, I have 900£ of paypal credit that I want to get rid of. My plan was to pay the 900£ with my credit card […]

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