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Why are my PayPal funds not being withdrawn?

Why isn’t PayPal using my PayPal balance and using my bank account? This is something new that is occurring. Typically my PayPal balance would be […]

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Money on hold

I’ve sold 2 items, I have had feedback from both but money is still being held

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Paying off specific transaction PayPal Credit

I have to pay £8 before April 11th, but I’ve paid off almost £200 and this is still being displayed. Is there anyway to pay […]

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Sent back money

Hey guys! So I made a transaction with this person. I sent the money to him via my Visa and he refunded it back to […]

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when im trying to send I am seeing this… This recipient accepts PayPal payments only through their website. To complete this payment, please go to […]

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I need help

I created PayPal with my nick names not knowing it not allowed. Now there is money in my account which I have been struggling to […]

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Re: Validation Fee

Someone is telling me that I need to pay a validation fee, so they can send me money. Is this a scam?

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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the PayPal Community Help Forums! To view the PayPal Community Help Forum User Agreement, please click the below link. PayPal Community Forum User […]

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Paypal is committing theft, as far as I am concerned.

I ‘paypaled’ my cousin over 6k in December, as a gift, so he could repair his boat. Paypal took the money from my account, and […]

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Can you deposit through PayPal with no funds in my account or bank account? Funds will be going into the bank account a day or […]

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