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Please help me out with my Foreign Exchange Loss When I Got Refund from Paypal

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On Nov 2nd, 2020, I made a payment to Japanese website called Sacai and that was like
‘Pre-authorization’ for Shoes raffle.
That is, Sacai makes me pay first even though I did not get the shoes yet because they want to check
whether I am able to pay for the price of shoes or not when I am chosen to buy the shoes as a result of raffle.
For this payment, I used my Discover credit card linked to my Paypal. Right after payment, I got a email from paypal saying ¥24,750 was paid and when I opened my Discover app, $246.97 was taken off.
But in the end, I was not chosen on that raffle so that is why they gave my money back (for sure) on Nov 10th, 2020.
I got a email from Paypal on that day saying Sacai gave me a ¥24,750 back as refund, which was same amount with original payment.
Because it is same amount, I had to get $246.97 back, which was the original amount for sure.
However, instead of $246.97, I only got $234.80 so as a result, I had a financial loss as much as $12.17 [$246.97 minus $234.80 = $12.17).
That is why I had a contact with my credit card company and they said they are going to file the dispute for me against Paypal.
And they gave me a $12.17 back as a temporary credit and they said as a result of investigation for this dispute between Discover (instead of me) and Paypal, if they determined I have to get $12.17 back then that $12.17 credit would remain on my bank permanently. So they want me to wait during this dispute progress. During my waiting, I have checked my credit card app to check how the dispute is going on. And on my bank app, it shows like $246.97 for payment and $234.80 and $12.17 for credit. So total is $0 ($246.97 minus $234.80 minus $12.17 = $0)
But 4 days ago from today, I got an email from Paypal saying like this:
Our records indicate that you received a duplicate credit for the following transaction.
Dispute Case ID: PP-D-91057495
Transaction Amount: ¥24,750 JPY
Dispute Amount: $12.17 USD
Transaction ID: 74W45860XK381974R
Transaction Date: November 2, 2020
Because you received duplicate refunds for the same transaction, we have debited 24750JPY from your PayPal account.
If this debit has made your balance negative, please log in to your PayPal account and add money to your balance.
To add money, simply log into your PayPal account and click Add Money on your Account Overview page.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
After I got this email, I was very angry and annoyed. And when I logged in to my Paypal, there is a negative balance as much as ‘$231.06’, not as much as $12.17 which is disputed amount. I contacted to message center and they said ‘Even though you got refund already(Here, I think they are saying I got refund anyway even though the actual amount of refund in USD is different from original amount of payment in USD), your financial institution took a money from merchant so that is why we charged negative balance on your Paypal so call your financial institution for this problem’. So I called my bank and they said ‘We never took the money as much as what you can see on your negative balance on Paypal. We only took the money as much as $12.17. Plus, we are under second review for the dispute that you raised and sent a message to Paypal on December 19th. They have to reply within 30 days from the originally sent date of message but they did not send anything to us yet even though only one or two days are left’.
Right now, current status related to this issue is that I delivered this answer by my bank on message center.
What do I have to do with this problem? I m not going to pay for my negative balance as much as like $230 cuz I don’t need to. I am deserved to get my $12.17 as exchange loss and that is it.
This is very annoying and I don’t know why I have to experience this kind of stressful matter. Someone please help me.


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