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Limitation off my account

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  • Pays de l'annonce: United Kingdom
  • Ville de l'annonce: Autre
  • Commune: zipcode
  • Quartier: street
  • Répertoriée 7 février 2021 16 h 56 min
  • Expires: 13689 jours, 3 hours


I am frustrated and **bleep**. My funds are held up. I was transferring my own funds from PayPal to my personal account that’s link to PayPal. I load my funds on Monday September 14, 2020. It was a limitation put on it then. I purchase some day prior to loading funds no limitation then. I been using this card for months no limitation. Soon as I transfer now it’s a issue. I need those funds to pay a bill food gas. Now, I cannot pay my bill or do the other things I needed to do. I am a disabled veteran so now I got to try to borrow money so I can eat and pay my bill. Yes, I am highly **bleep**, frustrated, upset period. I yried calling in cannot speak with anyone. These help and message center is useless. They sorry and can never fully give you an answer. I just want my damn funds. Afterwards, I will never use PayPal again or recommend them. Just so disgusted at this point. Just release my funds. It been over 24 hours should have ask for whatever information they need before I transfer my damn funds. This whole process is mess up. When dealing or handling consumer money. We should always be able to discuss our account with a live customer service rep. If we choose. My funds not available soon. I am getting my state representative and mental rep involved. What hell they think not playing games about my money. Not waiting no 30, 60 or 90 days to get my funds. Devil is a liar


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