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how to get help in windows 10

https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/how-to-get-help-in-windows-10-711b6492-0435-0038-8706-7c6b0feb200aHow to get help in Windows 10 – support.microsoft.com https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/how-to-get-help-in-windows-10-711b6492-0435-0038-8706-7c6b0feb200a Here are a few different ways to find help for Windows 10: Search for help […]

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Unable to use PayPal credit w/merchant on PayPal site.

Unable to use PayPal credit with merchants that are online PayPals site. Customer service says no issues with my account. So why does it say […]

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How to update my card information

Hello, Could anyone here help me update my card info? Every time, I would like to do that and change the expiry date, it says, […]

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Payment to friends and family still pending

It happens to me all the time for NO reason. I realize this post is old but I’m trying to figure this out myself and […]

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Refund hasn’t been added to balance

I sent money to someone through goods and services and because of the wait he refunded it to me. The refund has been shown in […]

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how long it takes to post

I been playing toy block and I have enough money to cash out it tell me that it successfully transfer my money to my account […]

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Do emails have to be precise when sending money?

I sent a friend some money and the email I entered was not capitalized in the right spots and it didn’t find her. I fixed […]

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Why I can’t find find « Friends and family » option to send someone?

Hello I am new of PayPal, I live in UAE, and I want to send my friend money, but I couldn’t find option « Friends and […]

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Refund to old email address

I used to have a PayPal account associated with my old email address. I changed to my new email address about 6 months ago and […]

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How to pay off my remaining 0% interest for 4 months balance, instead of my...

I’m trying to pay off my £360 0% interest for 4 months balance, before the 4 months is over, but I have an outstanding balance […]

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