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Paypal has taken money from my bank account.

Today I linked my paypal account with my epic games account. Shortly after doing this i received a £5.91 deduction from my bank account going […]

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Failed Internet order but paypal payment taken

Hi all. Tried to order on Jessops website and pay by Paypal. At the Paypal payment last stage, message said failed, choose another payment method. […]

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Money taken from my account by PayPal

Hey I recently wanted to transfer money into my PayPal account but forget to transfer money from my savings to my checking though my td […]

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Order hasn’t gone through but money taken

I’ve made a purchase from Ted Baker, Paypal has taken the money..then it said error so Ted Baker have no order from me.

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how did I pay for this purchase? (no money taken)

I have a zero balance in my PayPal account, but I have my bank account connected to my PayPal. I made a small purchase online […]

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Payment taken twice from my account

I had my paypal transaction declined due to insufficient funds and the money was reversed back into my bank account. I then received an email […]

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Payment not taken out of nominated bank account

Hi i have made 4 purchase through paypal using my nominated bank account to fund these. Paypal shows payment completed after 3 days but the […]

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Refund still showing pending but the money has been taken out of my bank ac...

Hi I have sent refunds to two people, it went out of my bank account so took a while however the money has been taken […]

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Mystery £10 taken by paypal

I have been charged £10 on my bank account by PayPal with it saying PayPal PAYMENT » « DD ». However this does not appear on my PayPal […]

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Echeck has taken 8 days!

I had an incoming deposit on Jan 1st and it still hasn’t cleared. The funds show “money received” on PayPal and the funds were deducted […]

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