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Not sure if I sent money to right account

Hi guys, I recently transferred $200 from my account to my bank account but I’m quite sceptical as to whether or not it’s been sent […]

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Not sure if this was a spam email or actually from Pay Pal

I received this email, and began filling out screen with information about my account, then considered it may not be from Pay Pal. The title […]

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Not sure how APR/interest calculate

The PayPal APR/interest for the PayPal credit is 19.99%. Can anyone explain how does it calculate? For example, if I have PayPal credit amount for […]

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Not sure about this email…

Hello, I was selling an item this afternoon and received the following email: *** You’ve got a new fund from… This PayPal Payment has been […]

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Got a refund, not sure where it went

Hi, I made a purchase on eBay with a MasterCard gift card but i was refunded the purchase, I’m wondering where the refund will go […]

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Ok im sure this is the most common question asked on here but…

Going back to bare basics here so forgive me for this stupid question but how do i collect money that ive earned through paypal? Do […]

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