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i am holding a phone from paypal call since more than 10 minutes

i want to link my bank accounts but its not functioning and am called back by paypal on fon and am holding now over 12 […]

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Where is my refund? It’s not in my bank since 25.05.20

I have refund from the seller £15 at 15.05.30. Still nothing in my bank. Can not contact paypal. What to do?

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My account is limited since 2 years!

Hi there, I have an account that is limited since 2 years and i really want it back! i’m trying to link my bank account […]

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Paypal payment hasn’t been released on JL order since yesterday.

Funds are in my account. I just want to know the best way to resolve; who i should email? Cause i can’t make call as […]

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f cfa .35,000

issue since december with no answer from message center

hi at the first of December i got these payments after the automatic swap to bank account however the balance is not what i received […]

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