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ebay changed process. Can I keep same process of using paypal to buy and se...

Ebay is changing payment method. Can I keep the same process – payment to paypal acct?

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Someone using our name to sell on Facebook using PayPal

We have received 2 calls in the last month from individuals , stating that they purchased an item on Facebook, and that they received a […]

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Just about to sell my phone

I had someone send me money for my phone and i have received the email and everything about it and it seems legit but has […]

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Don’t sell goods. But have account limitation – Receipt from Suppli...

Hi. I recently got an account limitation. It asked me to provide receipts from supplier for the goods I sell. But I don’t sell any […]

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I cant sell my bitcoin in paypal

I try to sell my bitcon but when i try to they require me more information but when I complete the information and I try […]

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Can’t sell my Bitcoin

Anybody else having problems selling their Bitcoin?

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Can you use PayPal as a deposit location for when you sell something on Off...

I’ve recently found a buyer from offerup, and I used my PayPal mastercard as the deposit location, will this work? I already put in my […]

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