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Create a Link to add to my sales page for pay what you want workshop

I am creating a workshop. Pay what you want and need to create a button to add to my sales page. How do I do […]

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Bitcoin sales

Hello everyone, I think I am having issues with my PayPal bitcoin sales, same thing when I tried to send money to another recipient I […]

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SCAM – sales tax – PayPal fees

So, I listed something for sale on eBay, the buyer attempted to pay with a stolen credit card. eBay told me to wait and not […]

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Why are my sales being refunded?

1. Why are my sales being refunded? 2. Can I sell from Saudi Arabia?

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total sales

How can I find the total amount earned from eBay sales in my history since I joined eBay and Paypal?

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past Sales report

Hi I’m trying to get a total of my Ebay sales 6th April 2019 -5th April 2020. I download the report but its not giving […]

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My Ebay sales went into an old Business Paypal Account in error

Hi, I have recently started selling on Ebay May 28th to be precise, not realising that the Funds were directed to my old Business Paypal […]

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Think Tech Sales Limited

I think that I hav been scammed. Faulty plug sent out at higher price Solved! Go to Solution.

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digital sales

How do I set up my account to reflect that ALL of my sales are digital? When I initially set it up – I was […]

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why is paypal charging me 10% fee on select sales??

I just noticed that an item I sold on ebay (within the US) for $644 has a paypal fee of $65.. Then Im looking at […]

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