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Refund hasn’t been added to balance

I sent money to someone through goods and services and because of the wait he refunded it to me. The refund has been shown in […]

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Refund to old email address

I used to have a PayPal account associated with my old email address. I changed to my new email address about 6 months ago and […]

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Haven’t Received my Refund

I made a purchase on eBay and item was not delivered. I opened up a dispute case with PayPal and it was ruled in my […]

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Refund issue

I ordered meizu paypal deductible with some **bleep**ing conversion rate of INR 27865.15 but my order got cancelled and i got the refund of INR […]

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PP credit refund

I have had a transaction refunded to my PP credit account. How do I get that withdrawn back to my bank account?

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Paypal Credit Refund on Order Fully Paid

Hello, I had a refund on an order I have fully paid off on Paypal Credit. I still have some other transactions on my Paypal […]

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Refund to paypal credit purchase

I’ve received a refund for an item I purchased using paypal credit but after I’d settled the balance I owed to paypal credit. The refund […]

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holiday refund paid into paypal credit, how do I access it

I have cancellem my holiday because of covid 19. Refunds for 2 bookings have been made into my paypal credit account. Will these be paid […]

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paypal refund me wrong

Hello, My chase freedom has 5% on paypal transaction in last Dec. I paid thru paypal key on 12/31. But the transaction showed on my […]

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Please help me out with my Foreign Exchange Loss When I Got Refund from Pay...

On Nov 2nd, 2020, I made a payment to Japanese website called Sacai and that was like ‘Pre-authorization’ for Shoes raffle. That is, Sacai makes […]

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