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Money deducted but payment not reflected

I did a PayPal payment yesterday and the app froze. The money was deducted from my bank account but the company I paid did not […]

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Payment status complete but orders are not reflected on seller’s end

Hi, I’ve recently made a purchase to Jenson USA and the entire purchasing process was authorised and completed. Unfortunately, the order was not reflected on […]

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#cashed refund not reflected.

I received a message from PayPal that I had received a refund and that it had been cash. Two days down and it’s not reflecting […]

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Got a payment notification to my mail, But the amount is not reflected yet....

I got a mail that I received a payment in my PayPal account. But my Paypal account is empty with a Zero balance. Can you […]

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payment is not reflected to my paypal account.

External images are now more secure and are shown by default. Change in Settings I want to know that the money which I supposed to […]

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Payments no getting reflected on my balance

Good morning. I am writing this post regarding paypal credit payments to see if anyone could give me some advice. I always make my payments […]

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