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Received an email of account limitation but not have recent activities on m...

I received an email saying (since i cannot post an attachment such as an image), “Subject: RE: [Alert] [Support Report ID] [Account Service] [New Update] […]

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Hopw do I find a recent purchase?

I just made a purchase from Home Depo’s web site and I can’t find the tracsaction

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Why hasn’t the credit balance been applied to my recent purchase on my PP...

Why hasn’t my credit balance on my account been deducted from my PP purchases made yesterday?

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Recent PayPal Email

I recently received an email about a PayPal sending people 10 dollars. It seriously looks legit, but I am worried if it is fake. Can […]

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Payment deducted but no record on recent activity and there was no product ...

Hi, i would like to ask does some of you encountered the same problem as i did? The problem was, I bought a game card […]

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