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PP credit refund

I have had a transaction refunded to my PP credit account. How do I get that withdrawn back to my bank account?

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I would like payments to go to my pp acct not my bank acct

How do I make money go directly to PayPal and not my bank when someone purchases something?

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Account blocked because of fraud & pp credit payments

Hello, Could anyone please help me to find solution. My account went to MDR because of CDKeys company fraud (reported) and account is not accessible. […]

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PP Credit help

Hi all, Can anyone tell me if I can pay by PayPal Credit when I am buying a used car from a private individual. I […]

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Receiving PP payment through FB Messenger

I charged someone for goods through the messenger in Facebook which goes to paypal account. This time I was asked to click and verify my […]

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Transfers PP balance to my PP Prepaid cannot be claimed. PP says Complete, ...

On March 15, 2019, I made three transfers from my Paypal Balance to my Paypal Prepaid Account. All three came out as complete, but they […]

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will pp cancel my transaction if I try to transfer from bank to pp w lack o...

Hi. So… I went to transfer funds to Pay Pal to pay for some of my items. I made a typo and instead of 50.00 […]

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Money disappeared from PP account.

Hi, Yesterday I checked my balance and had £18+ in account and today I’ve checked and there is £0.00. I have not used any funds […]

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PP site is totally ignored its updates apparently

Since nov 2020 I have tried every way possible on their site to make contact….absolutely no way to do so.. NOTHING WORKS OR SHOWS AS […]

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Why hasn’t the credit balance been applied to my recent purchase on my PP...

Why hasn’t my credit balance on my account been deducted from my PP purchases made yesterday?

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