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I made a mistake

I accidentally signed up for, it’s a scam website, when I entered my paypal information to get a free trial, I almost logged on […]

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Stupid mistake by Paypal!

Hi, how can i get this transaction sorted out? I purchased a item on ebay that did not work properly. The item was a Norton […]

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Charged twice by mistake

i had pre ordered the google pixel 4a from google and it charged to my paypal account. i knew i only had $100 on my […]

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I have problem with my money

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Made an mistake. Please remove this toppic.. sorry..

I made this toppic.. bud made an mistake… i cant remove this toppic myself.. so if annybody can, ga ahead.. and my right appolegies, sorry..

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Paypal credit payment mistake?

So my PayPal credit payments have been on payment holiday by covid relief. Therefore my payment amounts have been £0.00, i received an email the […]

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Hello, will some kind person please help me out? I just activated my prepaid debit card and then I went to my bank app ( […]

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Membership mistake

Today i ordered membership for Wrc all live 8.99 per month, but i made a mistake , and cancelled membership. Can i get my money […]

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Money was returned to buyer by PayPal by mistake and now buyer won’t ...

Paypal mistakenly withdrew a payment from my account for an item I sold on Ebay and sent the money back to the buyer. They suggested […]

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Sent ‘goods and services’ by mistake

I sent money under ‘goods and services’ and a fee was taken (I was not warned this would happen). I’d like to get that money […]

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