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Prepaid Visa won’t let me pay

So I added a prepaid Visa card with 200$ on it to my PayPal account, it added successfully, and I tried to make a purchase […]

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PayPal won’t let me withdraw or use my own money.

This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life!! Sold my things as I am between jobs, people […]

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paypal wont let me dispute

paypal wont let me dispute a non delivery because i disputed being charged more than what was ordered

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i am having trouble adding my bank account!it does not let me!!

Is anyone else having trouble adding their bank accounts? when i try to link it with small deposits it sayserror it cannot be linked at […]

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won’t let me add a bank => throws error page??

‘something went wrong’ (error) page renders every time I click US Bank to add Bank to my pay pal acct…?

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Why doesn’t paypal let me transfer my money !!?


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Y won’t it let me transfer my funds to my card

It won’t let me transfer the money to my account

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PayPal won’t let me connect my IBAN

Paypal keeps saying that my IBAN is not valid, while i did type it correctly, what can I do to fix it? I have a […]

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Won’t let me make transactions

Everytime I try to make a withdrawal or transaction it says the same message that there is an issue with my account what should I […]

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Won’t let me spend money on a card that I just put money on

I’ve got money on my card but it won’t let me spend it it’s not linked or something I try to link it and it […]

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