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Tranfer keeps bouncing back (less fees)

Im transferring from Paypal to my savings account in the Bank of the Philippines. The only account I set up is the savings account, but […]

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Less money refunded back by paypal then what originally paid

I have been refunded back for a purchase that I have made in ebay recently. Everything with the refund was ok, except Paypal refunded about […]

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Money received on bank account is less than what is transferred

Hi! Why is it that the amount I received in my bank account is less than the amount transferred from paypal account? I transferred 600, […]

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Sent money to friend, friend got less than I sent

So I sent money to a friend, and he got less than I sent to him. He already had some money to start with, and […]

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Refund less than purchase price

Hi, I bought furniture from a uk store end of nov 2020 and paid 180 GBP and 210 euros was deducted in my bank account. […]

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