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PayPal owner is a racist drug dealer Google it

Racially moviated issue concerning paypal

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how long it takes to post

I been playing toy block and I have enough money to cash out it tell me that it successfully transfer my money to my account […]

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holiday refund paid into paypal credit, how do I access it

I have cancellem my holiday because of covid 19. Refunds for 2 bookings have been made into my paypal credit account. Will these be paid […]

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Need help getting money from a PayPal app put on a PayPal credit card how d...

My question is I have a prepaid PayPal account app and I have money on it I need to get the money off of the […]

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Why did I pay fee for payment received and how do I avoid it?

Received payment and had to pay fee on that payment. How do i avoid it.

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Payment received; can’t access it and instructions to give info reque...

I received a payment that I was expecting. Received an email from PayPal stating that « my payment was waiting ». But, they couldn’t transfer the money […]

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I just paid netflix gift card and still not receiving it

Not receiving Netflix gift card yet thanks

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My account is limited and I wish to close it

Hello,I have a PayPal account that I wish to close or even just take my bank account off of. I made a PayPal account to […]

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why is it taking longer for my direct deposit to show up ?

why is it taking longer for my direct deposit to show up ? i get paid the same day every wek the first time i […]

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Customer shows payment pending but I can’t find it in my account to a...

I have a customer who sent money to me before I could invoice her for it. On her end, it shows that it’s pending with […]

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