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How to update my card information

Hello, Could anyone here help me update my card info? Every time, I would like to do that and change the expiry date, it says, […]

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please check your information and try again

Hello there! I want to transfer founds from my wallet to my credit card but when I press the last « Next » it appears a message […]

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Paypal will not allow me to remove my credit card information or close acco...

I cant navigate through all the spam self help question nightmare. I can not get through to a person. I had someone steal money from […]

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Reoccurring payment information

I have this 39.99 payment for some credit checking place that I can’t get to stop cause for one I don’t remember who it is […]

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Hiding contact information

Is there a way to hide my info when I’m being paid?

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More information required, payment on hold.

I recently received a payment for an animation project which was put on hold. I indicated that it was a digital product and that the […]

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Payment are on hold and need to submit shipping information

Hello paypal, as you have hold my fund, i want to say i deliver digital product by social media so where to get i tracking […]

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Upload File to Disputed payment information

PayPal email instructed me to select Upload File under Actions for this item, but I can’t find Upload File anywhere on the disputed item information. […]

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tracking information

i’m a seller from depop and the transaction was used with paypal. the payment is on hold until the 1st day of delivery, however the […]

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Money is still on hold after 3 days of it being delivered with shipping inf...

I’ve sold an item off of Depop and still haven’t gotten my money out of hold even with shipping information added. The item was delivered […]

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