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Incorrect address of the account

I am from Croatia. I mistakenly opened an account as if I lived in the USA. Please help me to correct the mistake. My address […]

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friend tried to send money my sign on incorrect. she advised me not receive...

how long does it take for money to go back into her a/c.

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Incorrect purchase

What can I do if I want to cancel a purchase

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Incorrect postal code on paypal guest checkout

All information in my paypal are ok All information in my Ebay are ok When I use guest checkout it input a wrong postal code. […]

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How to change the correct amount to be paid in an incorrect amount transact...

I accidentally inputted the wrong amount in a donation. I already made a case for it and the seller already contacted me about the refund. […]

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Incorrect input of account number when withdrawing funds

Good morning, before I had withdrawn funds from paypal to my bank account, but I entered the wrong bank account number, and the withdrawal status […]

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Incorrect billing

Hi I’ve tried to add another card to my PayPal account and it’s saying I’ve added in the incorrect billing. However it’s not incorrect because […]

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Incorrect Negative Balance

So last week I accidentally removed my PayPal direct debit and my account has been messed up ever since. I managed to go into a […]

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Paypal credit outstanding balance incorrect

I used paypal credit to buy a £100 worth screen. I set up the direct debit instalment of £25 each month ( for 4 months). […]

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Incorrect balance and contacting paypal

My paypal credit balance on my statement is wrong as a refund has not gone back to the balance even though it is listed. Does […]

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