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Country change, PayPal.Me migration ?

Hi, I understood that when you change country, you have to close the old country account and reopen a new country account. What about the […]

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Unable to verify account – moved to another country. Support unrespon...

Hi there! So, I’m not able to get a hold of paypal support. I’ve written them several times, but every time I just get a […]

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Returning a Item to a different Country?? Please help

I have ordered an Item from the Netherlands and that where it was shipped from. Now there are some issues and I need a refund, […]

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my country of set up us different to my actual country …

Hello – hope someone can help me – I am living in Spain to play tennis so set up my pay pal with my Spanish […]

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#Moving to Other Country and can’t pay with Paypal

Hi I created mypaypal account in Indonesia and input Indonesin debit card. Im moving to UK for a year and can’t pay online using paypal. […]

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Send money to foreign country

How can i send Indian rupees to foreign country in dollars How can i receive foreign country currency dollars in in my PayPal account..

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Different country

I initially set up this account when I was living in Dubai, so the account is in UAE dirhams. I now live in Hong Kong […]

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No second amendment rights purchases? What country is PayPal doing business...

No second amendment rights purchases? What country is PayPal doing business in for heaven sake?

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Linking new credit card – change of country

I want to link a new credit card to my account, which has a billing address in a different country than my home country. How […]

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Restarting account in new country

I have an account in Canada. I want to close this abd start and account in the USA as i live here now. Will i […]

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