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I am confused.

Dear Companions, I just saw a missive from PayPal, when I logged in, that they needed either my Tax I.D. Number or my Social Security […]

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I am so confused

I have 20 dollars on my PayPal account and don’t know if I can use it or not. My PayPal page does not look like […]

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A bit confused

I made a purchase today, PayPal charged me, but no confirmation email from vendor. Vendor told me there was an issue with shipping address. How […]

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Confused about possible exchange rate problem?

Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I’m unsure where this question should go. Yesterday I bought an item online while using paypal. […]

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thoroughly confused

Bought a christmas gift from cheryl’s they charged me without taking my coupon. ask them to cancel order and they did so on nov […]

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Confused. Fees

Hi, My account settings says, Nationality: UK But here i can see its Moldova. How much fees i will pay for sending to a friend […]

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I’m confused someone help

It’s says my money is on hold because I’m selling and I need to ship the order but I have never sold anything I only […]

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I’m kind of confused

So someone has sent me money and I want to give it back to them but it’s just I feel like it’s kind of complicated

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