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My account is now closed but my economic payment. Soon is coming

I need my account restored or money transfered during this panemenic i have no funds i see i habe funds i need access or transfer […]

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Changing location where Ebay shipping charges are coming out of

Right now when I go to print my shipping labels on Ebay the amount that I pay comes out of my personal banking account. I […]

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Refunded amount not coming in bank account

I send money to someone email address on paypal from my bank account and i cancel the transaction. Transaction cancelled successful but I don’t get […]

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error coming while processing payment using paypal

when i tried to pay to my freelance for my work done on one of my page data science courses in UPWORK website it shows […]

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Money isnt coming to my debit card

Hello All. So I withdrew my money I had in my paypal balance to my debit card. Paypal says the transaction is completed, but it’s […]

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Paypal Prepaid Mastercard – Receiving emails saying card is coming, b...

Hello, I have received two emails from Paypal regarding a Paypal Prepaid Mastercard. My problem is exactly the same as this post here:… I […]

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Discrepancy between money coming in and money in account

Hi all! I was just paid 48.36 EUR for something and was sent an email by Paypal showing that this was the exact amount that […]

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Bandcamp money no longer coming through.

We have albums being purchased through bandcamp but the money is not entering our account anymore like it has for years. Everything on bandcamp and […]

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