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EUR change to USD problem

I have been having a problem with the currency change of some EUR balance I have, it says « Cannot be processed, try again another time » […]

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trying to change my pin on debit card

ive lost my pin for my debit card so i followed the instructions on the paypal page but there dosnt seem to be an option […]

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Change to fee

I originally checked no fee for the transfer of funds but the dates continually change and will take longer than I want. Is there a […]

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Country change, PayPal.Me migration ?

Hi, I understood that when you change country, you have to close the old country account and reopen a new country account. What about the […]

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I am unable to change default payment method to Paypal Balance

For some reason, I can’t change my preferred payment to Paypal, the payment lists only credit cards, and nothing else, I have ample balance to […]

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Avoid change of currency on withdrawal to account

Dear all – I am receiving US-Dollars on PayPal that are displayed as Dollars. But since I am registered in Germany, the amount is automatically […]

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Is it possible to change my name into first name only?

Hello, i want to link my PayPal account to my bank account but i couldn’t because the names don’t match. My name is only Roselin […]

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How to change currency conversion option on paypal?

Paypal’s currency exchange rate is really low. How do I change currency conversion options on paypal? I want my bank to do the currency exchange.

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change of currency

I want to change my currency but there are no options for that neither in summary nor wallet. what should I do?

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Change payment preference

Hi, I hope someone can help! My bank card has been hacked and as a result I have changed my payment preference in PayPal from […]

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