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Can only link bank account in Indonesian Rupiah

Hello everyone. I am trying to link my Germany bank account to my paypal. But it is stated that i can only link my bank […]

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Trying to apply oto Paypal Digital Credit Line but denied? who can I contac...

So I tried applying to Paypal Digital Credit Line and it was denied. Yesterday I receive a letter in the mail saying the reason it […]

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can PayPal be used for components to make ammunition

I know paypal can’t be used for ammunition, but can it be used for components like unloaded brass and/or bullets?

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Can I pay my bills with Paypal Cashback Credit Card?

Hi, I was wondering if I could pay my bills (ex. Auto Insurance, Auto Loans, Phone bill- approx. $850) with my 2% Cashback Credit Card. […]

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Can i link my payoneer mastercard to paypal account?

hi , i m from Nepal and i dont have the option to link my bank account to paypal in my country but i have […]

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How can i take money out without a bank account

How can i take money from my paypal balance and add it to my credit card ? my credit card is linked to my paypal […]

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ebay changed process. Can I keep same process of using paypal to buy and se...

Ebay is changing payment method. Can I keep the same process – payment to paypal acct?

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Not verified paypal account can receive international payment?

My paypal email,bank account,address was not verified but someone send some international payment. I got an notification in my email about the amount but not […]

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where can I pay my underpaid postage?

I think my scale’s batteries were low and the last 6 orders I sent were underpaid. I paid for 4 then went to a different […]

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How can I appeal

I lost the escalated case but I think this decision was unfair. I cannot see the button where I can appeal. Solved! Go to Solution.

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