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Buyer cannot comfirm received goods

Hello i have problem, buyer sended me 2 days ago money for goods which i send before he paid me. In hi profile is nothing […]

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Trying to fund pay pay wallet for buyer refund.

Trying to refund buyer with money from bank account. Going to wallet where it show choices to do that like transfer from bank or send. […]

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Error message when trying to refund buyer

I cancelled an order from a buyer on eBay and received a message from eBay telling me they have problems trying to refund the buyer […]

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Refunding a buyer on ebay problems

Hello, I had to go through the process of refunding a buyer on ebay…a returns claim was made and when going to my paypal my […]

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buyer opened disputes and already redeemed steam digital wallet code

Buyer opened disputes After the service was sent to him and it is (Steam Digital Wallet Codes) for one time use And now he has […]

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Scammed by buyer

I’ve had a paypal account for numerous years, I have never had a dispute or problem. My account is personal so I mainly use it […]

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Buyer Protection claim denied. What should I do?

I purchased something from an online business but I changed my mind about the item and wanted to return it. As per the instructions on […]

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Buyer opened case claiming not received item

Hi, A buyer has opened a case claiming she hasn’t received her parcel. I have tracked this and it has been signed for in her […]

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Possible Buyer Scam

I have a buyer I’m suspicious of. 1 guy answered my ad for a product and said he would buy it but I had to […]

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Refunded buyer

Hi I refunded a buyer as parcel took so long, now he has received the item, what can I do? Thanks Solved! Go to Solution.

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