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Paypal Website Freezes when Capturing Authorized Payments

When we capture a payment authorization the payment is captured but the screen freezes and we have to refresh to keep working.

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Omneyex and Kinguin not authorized Billings

Sorry my English is very poor. I have trouble whit the two Companies use my Papal and 146. € is done. But i am not […]

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Web Authorized Payments show 1 dollar charges NO REFUND

I have had a PayPal account for years. Recently, I am seeing web authorized PayPal payments for $1. No changes to bank account, card, etc. […]

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Missing Funds after authorized payment

I made a purchase (last year in December) with the required funds to complete the purchase however the Merchant accepted a portion payment of the […]

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Payment not authorized

Each time I try to pay for purchase on using PayPal credit, I get a message that « payment couldn’t be authorized. » Anyone else have […]

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